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APPARTAMENTO is a pro-summer compact espresso machine with attractive design created to fit your kitchen where space is at a premium equipped with an professional grade  E61 brew group head and a vibratory pump that runs on an internal reservoir ( you don’t need to connect it to the water main because it has a reservoir in the back ( 2,5 L).

It’s a heat exchanger (HX) system machine, you may not be able to adjust temperature, but it consistently dispenses 93C water, meaning you can trust it to continuously and consistently pulls delicious shots and provides the steam power for multiple lattes or delicious flat whites.

 You need to use it paired with a coffee grinder.  Sounds complicated but it’s not! We can help you install and get the basic training to star use it successfully. With this, a bit of training, passion and good quality coffee beans this is an excellent choice capable of producing an espresso full of flavour as well as a powerful steam quality. 

Appartamento is the first step of becoming a  home barista able to replicate at home coffee shop quality coffee drinks without spending a fortune on equipment. 


  •  ROCKET APPARTAMENTO is a heat exchange unit ( HX). The HX technology supports excellent temperature & pressure, so it can brew espresso and steam milk accurately and at the same time without missing a beat, essential for brewing perfect espresso and milk cream that's as close to commercial grade as you will find at this level.
  • It's a classic designed espresso machine, constructed from high quality steel and finished in chrome. The APPARTAMENTO is built very solid around a  stainless steel chassis, it weighs around 25KG, so it's reassuringly heavy and very stable. The attention to detail is exceptional with beautiful simple lines and a luxury feel.
  • Brew Group: The design is further enhanced by the famous E61 group head (commercial 58mm bronze E61 group  ), which is the large iconic shape  piece of metal at the front of the machine (weighing approx 5 KG), which is what drives it's solid temperature stability. E61 is a mythical standard for commercial espresso machines defining a class, a size ( 58mm)  and fitting for the portafilter which holds the ground coffee.  
  • Together, the HX boiler and E61 group help deliver rich, high quality silky espresso shots and tasty milk cream.
  •  Portafilter: Commercial industry standard, commercial grade 58mm portafilter
  •  Steam wand: Cool to touch (anti-burn) stainless steel wand
  • Hot water tap: Separate hot water tap
  • Gauge: Boiler pressure gauge 
  •  Boilers:1.8l insulated pure (Cu 99.9%) copper boiler (with brass end plates)
  •  Pump: High-grade vibration pump
  •  Reservoir: 2.5l removable internal water reservoir, so you don’t need connection, hard plumbing, to the main water line.
  •  Construction: Heavy gauge mirror stainless steel
  •  Finish: Chrome plated
  •  Cup Tray: Large cup tray with minimal surround
  •  Drip tray: Large stainless steel drip tray
  •  Power: EU plus 13amp plug (1200w / 220v)
  •  Weight: 23KG
  •  Dimensions WDH: 274mm Width x 425mm Depth x 360mm Height


Once the water reservoir ( 2,5 l)  in the back is filled up, it takes around 20 minutes to get fully up to temperature. Appartamento is a manual activated machine, meaning you have to manually pull the lever up to start the shot and down to end it. 

It has separate (cool to touch) steam wand for steaming milk and hot water tap.

Also, you need a coffee grinder to use along for grinding specialty coffee. We recommend the ANFIM MILANO BEST espresso grinder as a optimal pair for home use. Designed for smaller coffee bars and domestic use, the ANFIM BEST feature espresso grinding and precise dosing shot by shot.


Inside the box you will also find: Single & dual portafilters, single, double & blank baskets, high quality ROCKET ESPRESSO metal tamper, micro-fibre cloth, group cleaning brush and training / manual CD. 


Prices starting with 1,350euro (VAT excluded)

We'd love to speak with you about this high performance espresso machine. Let's configure together the best one for you.



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APPARTAMENTO is a pro-summer compact espresso machine with attractive design created to fit your&nbs..
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