Geisha or Gesha is a variety of coffee believed to be originated in the Gesha village in Ethiopia. It is considered to produce a very aromatic and floral cup of coffee, and the demand for it has grown in recent years.

It was imported from Costa Rica to Panama in the Boquete region. It gained prominence and popularity in 2004, when Hacienda La Esmeralda entered a competition with a lot of Geisha that proved to be very unusual and distinct, attracting record prices. Geisha in the cup is complex, floral, expressive, clear, vibrant, and delicious.  It is sought after during barista championships, and many of first places are won with this unique coffee.  A lot of what is delicious about Geisha can be traced back to its origin as a varietal, a naturally mutated species in the Arabica coffee family from Ethiopia.

Nowadays, Gesha Village Coffee Estate in Ethiopia is known for producing one of the best cup profiles in the world. In doing so, the Meanit people, local inhabitants and protectors of Gesha, thrive. After years of persistent exploration, Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel found their ideal patch of land in the Bench Maji zone, hosting the perfect conditions for the cultivation of Gesha (Geisha).  Their mission: bring Gesha coffee home. "Today the Meanit are our partners. This is their coffee." – Adam Overton, Gesha Village Coffee Estate.

With the help of Trabocca BV Amsterdam we have the privilege to obtain a lot prior to the auction for the MADISON Coffee Collection. Gesha Village Coffee Estate cultivate their coffee lots, both natural and washed from different farms, or as they like to call them, blocks. These are: Bangi, Narsha Gaylee, Dimma, Shaya, Oma, Surma and Shewa-Jibabu. There, varieties like Gesha 1931, Gori Gesha, Illubabor Forest, and other mixed varieties are harvested between November and February.  The 2017 specialty coffee auction yielded a record-breaking price: 187 USD /kg. Presumably, the highest price paid for an African coffee.

"On May 31, Gesha Village Coffee Estate—a 400-hectare farm growing Gesha-variety coffee in Ethiopia’s Bench-Maji Zone—held its first-ever global auction and received surprising results: The top lot sold for $85 per pound, thought to be the highest price ever paid for coffee not just from Ethiopia, but all of Africa.” Barista Magazine, June 2017


  • PRICE: 170 lei

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  Geisha or Gesha is a variety of coffee believed to be originated in th..
  • PRICE: 170 lei

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